Welcome, we’re glad you’re here

Although we are still under renovation, we have seven rooms available to book for your stay.  Our inn features many scenic common areas to enjoy throughout your stay, a continental breakfast spread daily, and comfortable rooms with all  the modern conveniences nestled within this historic property.

Our Green Commitment


Mary took a bit of a risk to rename this iconic property and I asked her why. She said, “I want to make this Inn as green as possible. In fact I have green certifications pending.”

She uses eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products. Bath toiletries dispensers are in every shower. Mary uses high quality bio-degradable paper products and other eco-friendly options throughout the Inn such as bamboo to-go boxes and refillable to-go cups.

Mary has her own recipes for lotions and soap, although she rarely has time to make them, and is looking for a local source to make them for her.

There are also plans for chickens but in the mean time she buys as much produce, eggs, jams, jellys, honey, cheese and local meat as is seasonally possible. Mary finds it is one of the perks of being in a largely agricultural area.

The Tree of Life symbol has special meaning for Mary. The name, GreenLife Inn at Mimosa, pays homage to both the history and tradition of the Mimosa, as locals call it, and the idea of rebirth and a fresh start.